General information

  1. Good Earth company providing (hereinafter referred to as Company) service of the ozonation (Service) and is registered in Barclay Street 32 LE30JA Leicester.

  2. Before ordering the service a Customer (Customer) is obliged to read the Terms and Conditions. Placing an order means the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Health and Safety rule, published on the company’s website under the address: goodearthleicester.co.uk. 

  3. The service is performed in the appointed place (place of service).

  4. The services can be provided on a once or by subscription.

 Placing the orders

  1. Customers can contact the company via text, e-mail, telephone, social media channel, personally.

  2. The contacting hours are provided on the website of the company.

  3. The service of measurement and pricing is free of chargé.

  4. Ordering the measurement and estimating the price does not oblige the customer to place the order.

  5. A decision about conducting the measurement belongs to the company and is based on an interview with the customer.

  6. The customer is required to provide information necessary for the pricing process and performing the service.

  7. If the provided information is significantly different from the actual condition of the place of service, the price can be a subject of a change.

  8. The time and the place of performing the service is a subject of mutual agreement. The company is not obliged to deliver the service according to the customer’s wish without prior agreement.

  9. The service provided in a subscription must be booked in the advance.

  10. The company does not guarantee a free spot on the date which was not booked in advance.

  11. The service is offered as a one time or subscription service.

  12. The company will not accept the orders which cannot be performed due to the

Service implementation

  1. The presence of the client during the measurement process is strongly advised.

  2. The beginning of the service is determined by the signing of the contract and payment acceptance.

  3. The customer is required to prepare the place of service according to the provided information.

  4. Lack of preparation of the space may end with the damage of goods.

  5. The customer is obliged to prepare the place to stay during conducting the service.

  6. The company does not provide a place to stay during the service and the service of preparation of the place of service unless agreed otherwise.

  7. The customer is obliged to act according to health and safety rules.

  8. The customer is obliged to comply with the requests of the technician when it is necessary for conducting the service or/and keeping the place of service and customer safe.

  9. The company provides the service according to the best knowledge, health and safety rules, and in a professional way.

  10. The company has an exclusive right to choose the way of conducting service.

  11. The service ends with checking the level of ozone in the air, allowing the customer to enter safely the place of service and checking whether the place of service has remained unchanged.

Fees, pricing

  1. The prices on the website are provided for the orientational use only and do not constitute a binding offer.

  2. The price is set during the contact of the company and customer.  

  3. After agreeing on the price of service, payment is not a subject of the negotiation.

  4. In the event of providing inaccurate information to the company, the company is entitled to demand higher pay.

  5. The payment is accepted in British Pounds unless agreed otherwise in writing.

  6. Payment is accepted upfront.

  7. Payment is accepted only in cash.

  8. It is required to have a deducted amount of money or informing the company about the needed change.

  9. The acceptance of payment is confirmed with the bill.

Booking and cancelling

  1. The service is performed in an agreed place and time.

  2. The time of the service can be a subject of the change without any extra fee until one day before the planned service.

  3. The place of the service cannot be changed. 

  4. Cancelling the service is possible until 3 days before agreed time of service. 

Liability and indemnity

  1. The company's liability under these Terms and Conditions, and in breach of statutory duty or otherwise, shall be limited as set out in this clause.

  2. The amount of the liability is no higher than the fee paid by the customer.

  3. The company is not liable (whether caused by technicians, and other employees) in connection with providing the service in the event of the client’s failure to fulfil his obligations.

  4. The company is not liable especially for:

    1. any indirect, special or consequential loss, damage, costs, or expenses or;

    2. any loss of profits, anticipated profits, loss of business, loss of reputation, business interruption,

    3. any claims of the third party,

    4. failure in service delivery caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control,

    5. any loss is a result of the choice of the customer connected with the choice of the company.

  1. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits the company’s liability for the injury or death caused by the company’s negligence, intentionally misleading or breaking the low.

  2. The complaint shall be considered only after the delivery of the bill in the original or copy.

  3. The complaint must be submitted in writing (letter, e-mail, or in-person) within 30 days from finishing the service.

  4. The company is obliged to reconsider the complaint within 30 days from receiving it in writing.

Final provisions

  1. The company is entitled to change the Terms and Conditions. The date of the beginning of the current version of the document is visible on the website.

  2. Any disagreement or dispute shall be resolved based on the Terms and Conditions document.

  1.  Any deviations from the Terms and Conditions can be agreed only in writing and under the applicable law of Great Britain.

  2. If one or more of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unlawful or unenforceable it will be deemed severed from the remainder of these Terms and Conditions. The rest of this document stays applicable.