Heath & safety rules

to keep the process of the ozonation completely safe, it is necessary to abide by the following rules: 

  1. It is strictly prohibited to stay inside the ozonated space without proper secure clothing, which includes masks with filters. Animals also must not stay in the ozonated room. 

  2. If it is necessary to enter the room, the time spent there must be limited to the minimum. 

  3. While ozonation it is prohibited to 

    1. smoke cigarettes, 

    2. work with grease or oil. Objects with grease or oil should be removed for the room,

    3. work with tools which can cause a flame or spark, 

    4. smell the ozone. 

  4. The place of work should be marked with appropriate signs.

  5. The working machine can not be placed on the cover, carpets, or clothing of any kind.

  6. The procedure cannot be conducted in the extreme humidity, and wet environment. 

  7. Ozone must not be used in an environment of flammable gases or explosives.

  8. After the process, the room has to be ventilated for 15-30 minutes. It is advised to stay out of the room for at least 2 hours.


Some additional that apply to customers are:

  1. The instructions of the person conducting the ozonation must be fully abided. 

  2. The customer must inform the technician about any respiratory diseases.

  3. It is allowed to enter the ozonated space only after the permission of the technician.

  4.  It is necessary to empty the room from plants and works of art, as well as secure electronic devices before ozonation starts.

  5.  It is not allowed to touch the device, especially when it is on.

  6.  It is not allowed to open the room/car during the procedure (it affects efficiency and can affect your health), especially when the device working. 

  7. The client takes full responsibility for the children and pets.

  8. It is obligatory to leave the ozonated area. To keep you safe, we ask you to leave the house for the time of procedure and ventilating. 

The impact of the ozonation on living organisms

Ozonation is a dangerous process, therefore all procedures must be followed properly. When they are kept, the procedure is completely safe and does not leave side effects. 

The symptoms of overexposure may occur even after 15 minutes of staying in the ozonated place. Mild symptoms of overexposure to ozone are: cough, throat scratching, sleepiness, headache and they can occur even after 15 minutes of staying in the ozonated environment without protection.

Heavy overexposure, which means exposure to higher concentrated ozone or staying in the room for a longer time, can lead to serious respiratory conditions, even life-threatening. 


Additional information

Ozone has a strong, distinctive smell that can stay in the room for some time after ozonation, even when the level of ozone is back to back to „normal”. The presence of the smell does not mean that it is dangerous to stay in the room. It will eventually change to “normal” and leave the place completely odourless.


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Everything you need to know to stay safe