It's 50 times more effective and 3000 times faster than chlorine

Ozonation is an entirely ecological way of disinfection. 

How does it work?


Ozone is a very unstable, and active form of oxygen. Unlike the oxygen we breathe, it contains three oxygen atoms instead of two.


Its disinfecting qualities are the effect of its unstable qualities – it rapidly converts from its 03 form to the stable O2 form. The remaining atom reacts with many substances oxidizing it. Therefore, it has a powerful ability to disinfect.

The process of oxidation removes viruses, bacteria, mites, mould, allergens, as well as odour and many chemical substances. The effect is based on the decomposing of the pollutants to less complex forms. They are usually less harmful, too. During the process, there is no need to use any chemicals. Interestingly, the ozonation is in most cases more effective than using them.


As ozonation can be used in multiple ways, it is being used in various places, including these inaccessible areas that can not be sterilized otherwise.

Professional service guarantees  safety.

After a while ozone changes back to divalent oxygen - the form that we normally breathe. 

Lack of chemicals means the whole operation does not affect the environment. We are proud to say, that it is completely eco-friendly. 

It is also a clean process - there is absolutely no need to clean after the service.

Is ozonation dangerous? 

No! Implementing suitable precautions makes it completely safe. 

Following procedures guarantees safety for you and your environment. The only "harmed" creatures are microorganisms you want to get rid of. 

However, while ignoring safety procedures ozone can cause harm.  

Is ozonation connected to ozone hole?

The only link between ozonation and ozone hole is the fact that both exist thanks to ozone.  They are completely separate phenomena. Having your property ozonated you do not have any influence of the ozone hole.

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